Other Additional Features

Efficient & Flexible management of all Delivery Parcels

Be notified about all kinds of parcel deliveries & manage them with the help of different features in our system.

Visitor Badge Printing

Overall security can be enhanced by Printing Visitor Badges via our application using Thermal Bluetooth Printers. A dedicated QR Code per visitor can be assigned & printed for validation via access controls.

SOS Alert Notification

The Security Guard will receive an emergency notification along with an alarm if the user raises a SOS alert & vice versa. A few predefined SOS situations like Fire in the premises, animal threat, visitor threat /robbery have been added in the application.

Offline Mode

Secure your premises without an active internet connection with KnockKnock's Offline Mode.

Company Branding

Setupe a hasslefree welcoming experience for all entrants & enhance your company's brand image using our tablet based visitor terminal placed at the front desk reception.