General Inquiries

KnockKnock is a smart technology mobile app based solution focussed on enhanced security for residential or commercial gated premises.
Give us a call or write us an email to provide us your location details and the nature of the premises for which you need a solution. Our solutions expert will pay a personal visit at a time of your convenience and provide you with a demo of the application. This will help you make a much more informed decision.
Seeing is Believing. And in today’s day and age, you need to be able to use the product to know whether it’s right for you or not. We have you covered. We will set up your premises for a free one month pilot project. See it, Use it, Try it for yourself before you make any decision.
All flats listed to you, can be accessed through the same login id by selecting the right society and flat number from the top menu on the main screen
The app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Once your society is onboarded by our support executives, we will be able to extend the full range of our service and product capabilities to you
  • Follow our lead and we will hand hold you through the process
  • We will train your security guards to use the application in a controlled environment until they are confident
  • We will onboard the users onto the platform to make them eligible for use
  • Once the users and security guards are wired in, we just need to ensure a smooth data connection is available at all times for optimal service
The process includes data collection, training, database creation and systems setup. We can set it up and running within one week.
We have developed the application keeping the end user in mind. Features are self explanatory and with FAQs and How It Works tutorials, people should be able to familiarize with the application easily without any assistance.

Onboarding and Training

Your logs will be available to you for the current quarter. The entire society’s data is available to view by the admin of the building via our web platform for a period of 6 months. If there are any extreme circumstances for which we require previous logs, then our support team can assist with the logs till a period of 12 months. Beyond that, we do not store the logs on our server.
Guards are provided with live, in-person training followed by 2 days of beta testing the product before officially deploying it. Follow up trainings and audits will also be conducted to ensure that the guard is following the right steps.
The functions of the app are very self-explanatory and we have kept the features easy to understand. We will also be providing a dedicated account manager available for real time support of any resident query 24*7.
We can create a multi-hierarchy between external and internal gates covering entries and exits at each building. We will also create admin access based on buildings so that every building can have complete access over its own logs.
Admin can add, approve, edit or remove society members, security guards and local service providers. He also can view the logs of the entire society for a specific time period.
We have provided language support and guard can use the app in Hindi, Marathi or Gujarati.
For security reasons, every request is to be approved by the Managing Committee in order to ensure you are a genuine resident. Once the verification process is complete, your access will be approved. You can send a reminder to the managing committee to check their requests for an expedited approval

Mobile Intercom / IVR

It is a form of alert notification, where the resident gets an automated call informing you about the presence of an uninvited visitor (Delivery Boy / Guest / etc. ) at the gate of your premises. You can approve or deny entry by providing your response on the phone. This is not a mandatory feature and it is only triggered if you miss our app based notification. You have the option to turn this feature on/off from your phone.
You can go directly to your app settings and remove your IVR number if you do not wish to receive any calls from our system.
You can set the IVR number directly from the app itself. A maximum of two numbers can be set as IVR numbers. In order to avail this feature, you do not need to download the app. The admin can directly add your number as a registered IVR number for your premises.
You have the option to deny entry to unknown visitors.

Visitor Management

It will be mandatory to stop the entrant at the main gate, but for inner gates, it will come down to the setup of your society complex and how many guards can be stationed at your premises.
You will receive a notification on the app informing you about every visitor that enters the premises requesting access to your apartment / office.
When you receive the notification, just inform the guard about your absence by denying entry and the guard will reject the visitor from entering.
  • You can reschedule in case of change of change in time or date
  • You can cancel the invite if the plans have changed
You can invite your guests directly to your premises and when he reaches the gate, he can provide his mobile number or his QR code which will be validated by the guard for instant entry.
In case you have missed inviting your guests, then the guard will take all required details from the guest at the gate and you will approve their entry through your phone. So, it is not mandatory to invite all guests.
  • You can go to your visitor log and click on “Wrong Entry”. This will inform the guard about the change, and the guard at your building gate will be able to stop him from entering, if he has not yet entered the premises
  • You can also use the “Wrong Entry” option to inform the guard that he/she has incorrectly allowed the visitor access to your flat and that he is not a visitor to your flat. This will reflect the error on the guard’s app to allow him to rectify the entry

Attendance & Staff Management

Your staff does not need to have any digital presence. They just need to be onboarded so that they have a digital profile.
The app records the attendance of the staff on a daily basis and you will get access to that information. This will help you to keep track of the number of days the staff entered your society premises.
Every society has a due diligence procedure and either the type of staff you are looking for is not listed with your society or it is under authentication approval flow and is awaiting confirmation from the admin.
When you hire a new staff, you have the option to fill in all their details via your app. This will go to the admin for approval and once approved, a new profile will be created which will be used for future check-ins
Every staff will be provided with a customized profile and will be on boarded onto the platform and there is no restriction on the number of profiles that can be created.


A tenant can approve and reject visitors to the flat they are staying in but he cannot add or remove any admin.
You can add a tenant via Profile > Settings.
As a safety precaution, every person added to the premises will only be with approval from the society admin to validate authenticated entries. As soon as the admin approves, you will be able to access your flat and all other services.

Club House Management

Every member will have special privileges and entry/exit into the club house will be controlled by the permissions to every user’s profile. This can be customized at onboarding or by the admin.
We can link visitor access to payments if the club house has those rules established at the time of on-boarding. We can link our payment systems to capture payments from the residents directly via the payment gateway.
Residents have the option to invite visitors specifically into the club house based on bookings done by them for any reservable activities
All club house activities can be provided a pre-defined start and end time and we can even link it to the availability based on bookings made by a user.

Delivery Management

You can inform the guard via the app, about the expected delivery and the guard will collect on your behalf. On exchange of a specific OTP, you can collect this later at any time
If you are in the house, you can allow the guard to come up directly to deliver to your house via the app.
The guard can take the delivery on your behalf if it is pre-paid and then you will be informed about the same. If it is a COD / post-paid package then the package will be returned. The guard will be able to provide you a package only when you can provide the right OTP to pick up the delivery.